Privacy Notice


Date of update: APRIL 1, 2022

This Privacy Notice is brought to your attention in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Private Parties (“LFPDPPP”).

Identity and address of the responsible party.

JIGYOU SUPPORT STRATEGY, S.C. (JSS), with address at RIO LERMA 196 BIS, TORRE A, PISO 2, CUAUHTÉMOC, 06500, CDMX is responsible for the processing of your personal data, its use and protection. This Notice provides information about the way in which our company uses the personal data of our customers, and about the rights you have as a customer.

  1. What personal data do we collect from you?

JSS may collect your personal information in different ways: when you provide it to us directly and voluntarily for specific purposes, or by obtaining it indirectly, through other sources that are permitted by law. We will not sell, trade or rent personally identifiable information to third parties. Your information may be used for research related to usage patterns, product development, site customization and targeted marketing.

We collect your personal information directly from you when you provide it to us in person, by filling out a paper form, by email, through an online form, by telephone or by any other means.

For the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice, JSS in certain cases may obtain from you, among others, the following personal data:

  1. Identification data: Full name, address, e-mail address, password, zip code, date of birth and other data that from time to time are included in the corresponding section of the website, printed forms or online forms.
  2. Contact information: address, e-mail and telephone numbers.
  3. Electronic records: Images, sounds, text, conversations and voice provided by you through our websites and other social networking media.
  4. IP and Browsing Data: An Internet Protocol (“IP”) address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you browse the Internet. Network servers automatically identify your computer by IP address. When visitors request pages from the Web Site our servers log the IP address. We do not normally link IP addresses to anything personally identifiable, which means that a visitor’s session is logged, but to us, that visitor remains anonymous. HB/PS collects IP addresses for systems administration purposes and to regulate the use of this Web Site. In addition, we use IP addresses both for the collection of statistical information to be sent to our advertisers and for other marketing and promotional purposes, as well as storage of written or voice communications in real time, via chat and/or the Internet.
  5. Voice and audio recordings. JSS states that when there is a telephone interaction with the company as a business customer, supplier or business partner it may record and monitor such telephone calls for quality of service purposes, both for compliance and quality improvement. Recorded telephone calls will be stored in a secure restricted access area. Recordings are routinely destroyed unless necessary for the investigation of an incident or for legal proceedings.
  6. Payment method information. Credit or debit card, check or wire transfer.
  7. Tax information. Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) billing address.
  8. Identification on social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, among others.


  1. What do we use your personal data for?

The collection and processing of your personal data that we collect directly and/or indirectly from you may be used for the following purposes, which we consider necessary for the existence, maintenance and fulfillment of the relationship we have with you:

  1. To provide you with information about our products when you request it, such as user manuals and warranty information;
  2. Receive complaints, and follow up on requests;
  3. For service surveys that allow us to improve our products;
  4. For marketing and/or market research purposes, without the purpose of profiting from the information or making unwanted contacts;
  5. Storage of verbal and/or written communication via chat and/or internet;
  6. Identification for chat service and/or attention to users and clients;
  7. Identification of users and/or clients to prove personality;
  8. Providing the requested and contracted services;
  9. Financial management, billing and collection; and
  10. To comply with the obligations and commitments we have made to you.


Sensitive personal, financial and patrimonial data

In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals, when JSS collects from you financial or patrimonial personal data, or sensitive data, your express consent will be required for the processing of this data, so we will ask you to indicate whether or not you accept the treatment.

Only if you so indicate, we will proceed to register you in our database to send you information about our products, through which you will receive advertising messages, information that you can request to stop receiving at any time, through the following email:

The refusal to use your personal data for these purposes may not be a reason for us to deny you the services and products you request or contract with us.

  1. Referrals of personal data to suppliers.

JSS may forward all or part of our customers’ personal data to service providers that support us in some process. These providers include: (i) technology companies that provide us with various communications or infrastructure services; (ii) companies that provide us with marketing and market research services. In all these cases, JSS ensures that these companies assume contractual obligations that allow the personal data of our customers to be protected, in addition to making them aware of the applicable obligations under the LFPDPPP.


  1. To whom can we transfer your personal data?

We may transfer the personal data of our customers to authorities or third parties in certain cases, for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice. These transfers include the following:

  1. As JSS is part of an international group, your personal data may be communicated to other companies of our same corporate group in the country or abroad. JSS will at all times be responsible for your personal data and has implemented measures and policies for the protection of its customers’ personal data; these policies are consistent with the measures and policies that JSS applies to its own personal data.
  2. Likewise, JSS may transfer personal data of its customers to administrative or judicial authorities, when the transfer is necessary or legally required for the safeguarding of a public interest, the protection of JSS’s rights, the protection of third party rights or for the procurement or administration of justice.
  3. Also, from time to time, JSS may be a party to a corporate transaction (including mergers, spin-offs, sales of assets or shares, corporate restructurings, among other transactions).
  4. In other cases, when the law allows this transfer without the prior consent of the holder, in terms of article 37 of the LFPDPPP.

All of the above transfers (and the referrals included in clause 4 above) may be national or international in nature; likewise, they are all necessary for the maintenance or fulfillment of the business relationship with customers and, therefore, we do not require the customer’s consent to make them.

  1. What are your rights?

In accordance with the LFPDPPP, you have the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition to Processing (the “ARCO Rights”); also, you have the right to revoke at any time the consent given for the processing of your personal data to the extent permitted by law. To exercise your ARCO Rights or your right of revocation or to formulate any doubt or complaint regarding the processing of your personal data please contact our Personal Data Department (“DDP”).

Your requests will be evaluated under the terms established in the LFPDPPP and other obligations applicable to JSS. Our DDP will communicate to you (i) the information you will be asked to provide to identify yourself as well as the documents you will need to submit with your request; (ii) the deadlines by which you will receive a response to your request; (iii) how you should submit your request, including the forms you may use to submit your request, if any, and; (iv) the mode or medium in which we will deliver the information to you.


  1. Contact our Personal Data Department (“PDD”).


Address: Rio Lerma, numero 196 Bis, Torre A, Piso 2, oficinas 201-202,

Col. Cuauhtémoc, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, C.P 06500 Ciudad de México.

Phone: 55-62-86-00-84


  1. What choices does JSS offer to limit the use or disclosure of your personal data?

JSS offers you the ability to make choices about how we use your personal information; we offer you several ways to inform us of your decision.

If you do not wish to receive marketing messages from us or unsubscribe from our databases, you: (a) may request to unsubscribe from our mailing lists by applying via the following email:; and/or (b) you may contact our Personal Data Department.


  1. Security of your Personal Data.

JSS has adopted physical, organizational and technical security measures to protect your personal data against loss, use or unauthorized access, in compliance with the provisions of the LFPDPPP.

  1. Modifications to the Privacy Notice.

JSS reserves the right to make changes or updates to this Privacy Notice at any time. The amended notice will be posted in conspicuous places on our website or will be sent to you via email. Our clients will be able to verify that the Notice has been modified by virtue of the fact that we will always note the date of the last update. In the event that JSS makes any material changes in the way we treat your personal data, we will let you know by notifying you via email or by posting these changes on our website. Any changes to our privacy notice become effective 15 calendar days after the posting of the new notice. If you do not agree with the modifications, please contact our Personal Data Department.